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    Game Art & Assets

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    Visual Novel Art

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    One of a kind, Freelance Illustrator and Game Artist


    Christian Schoultz, also known under the penname "palinus". I am a freelance illustrator, game artist and graphic designer who loves making narrative art more than anything else! Been drawing ever since I was a kid at kindergarten. Currently living in Sweden. When I don't work or draw I read Visual Novels, read manga, play Story-Driven games, listen to music and look at art that other people made.


    My artstyle is special in a way that I use alot of colors, and mix dark and surreal together, I do art in a big range of sub-styles and catagories, Gothic, Surreal, Punk, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and they all share one thing, that is how unique, colorful and surreal I make things look. With my vast knowledge with both 3D and 2D tools I make art that is one of a kind!


    My work with others is mostly with Visual Novel Developers, That make Story Driven Experiences. But I also make things such as 3D Models and Web Design and anything else that a pen can do! With my network of like-minded talents I got the connections required to tackle on big projects that require skills where I'm not specalized. I love working both with Small and Big teams, as long as the project is interesting!

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    A Lopeliie's Tale! a free Visual Novel spin-off to ALG


    A Lopeliie's Guide! a Visual Novel series


    Sweet Little Lelodomine's Cake Crisis a Point N' Click game


    Kuki Kari Project, Big boy to be released far into the future

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